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Back Yards




We have discovered over the past 60 years that a patio is a extension of the living space outside the home. Most people desire to have a patio outside connecting to the back walk out of their home for convenience in entertaining. We design patio's in interlock or flagstone at different heights to blend the inside main floor level with the outside garden. The patio size and layout depends on the number of people in your family and the amount you entertain outdoors. We try to maintain a center axis in the design of your patio and how it relates to shade features, garden ornaments, connecting pathways, and privacy from neighbors. Whether you choose natural flagstone, tumble pavers, or man made stone products with creative design techniques we can make any of these materials dramatically enhance the function and aesthetics of your garden.




Backyard gardens involve everything from the basic lawn and privacy fence to rockeries and layer perennial planting beds. From decades of experience both growing our own shrubs, trees, and perennials as well as designing and implementing breath taking colorful gardens we can create your personal garden oasis right in your own backyard. Mike Eeuwes a graduate of landscape horticulture from the University of Guelph will come right into your backyard and design a beautiful full yet very functional and practical patio and garden creation. He will combine all of the landscaping elements and new material selected to fit your families preferences.





Most homeowners are looking for some privacy from their patio and walkout to the neighbors entertaining area and windows. This can be accomplished with the planting of trees close to the property line or with the construction of a creative lattice privacy screen or trellis with climbing vines. Timber fencing or cedar hedging, screen out the neighbors without sacrificing valuable yard space. Always keep in mind that the lower the patio or entertaining area is the more privacy will be provided by the property fence and planting.





Introducing timber structures into landscape has many esthetic and functional benefits. An arched arbor at the rear corner of the house can be used to frame up the backyard landscape from the side walkway.  A lattice privacy screen with a bench built in provides privacy while giving a focal point and a functional place to sit in the garden. A pergola structure is used to provide shade and sometimes shelter from the rain while giving a sitting area a courtyard feel.
Decks can be constructed using cedar, pressure treated timber or the new plastic wood made by Trex, timbertek, and Eon manufactures. Plastic wood is available in several colors and is even textured to look like real wood. We believe that plastic wood is the way of the future because you do not have to paint the wood, no slivers and no replacement do to rotting. The initial investment is higher, but the long term benefits far exceed the higher initial investment. As a rule we only recommend decking where other options such as stone patio's do not work because of the higher cost to both install and maintain decking.
Buildings such as cabanas, gazebos and storage buildings increase the functions of the back yard by offering a place to change your clothing, store patio furniture and garden tools, provide an additional sitting area or possibly even a serving area and kitchenette. We offer the design and construction of fully serviced cabanas.

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