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Front Yards


Tumbled Stone Walkways, Driveways, and Patio's (Interlock)


Markham Landscaping always uses man made material such as interlocking pavers and walls. In a design and layout to make the material look as natural as possible. We follow the installation specifications provided by the pavers and wall manufactures when installing the products. Just like building a house the foundation is the most important part of the installation. We always use three-quarter inch crushed gravel compacted to six-twelve inch in depth for the base of the pavers and walls for walkways and patios. For driveway pavers we use ten-twelve inch compacted crushed gravel with a small layer of course sand for leveling and drainage. We always concrete the edge and border bricks to keep grass and weeds from growing into the spaces and to keep the border bricks from any shifting. Our clients are continually impressed with the outstanding interlock workmanship and how our installations experience minimal shifting over the many years.





Our flagstone, stone walls and columns truly stand out amongst our competitors stone work. Look at the detail of the stone facing and cutting and the consistency of the surface and step levels. We have four crews of trained highly skilled stone masons. When we pour concrete we always use sono tubes for footings to support the concrete from frost movement and settlement.  All poured concrete is reinforced with steel on compacted clear gravel this insures that the beautiful flagstone that we install remains structurally sound for many, many years.





We prefer to work with natural rockery stone and armor stone to retain gardens and patios where ever possible. Natural stone carefully selected and creatively installed can enhanced any garden and give any style of house a dynamic face-lift. Natural stone lasts longer and with stands many years of frost movement as compared to any man made stone products. Markham Landscaping goes to extremes in obtaining the perfect type of natural stone. We travel directly to the quarries to select, grade and transport all of the different varieties of natural stone we use in our landscapes.  Our skilled foreman can install natural stone in such away that it makes an individual statement in each one of our garden creations.

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