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Swimming Pool Landscapes


Markham Landscaping offers a turnkey service for both new swimming pool installations and the refurbishing of existing swimming pools. From the initial design consultation to the preparation of the master plan which coordinates all of the elements of your dream backyard. Right on through to the implementation of the swimming pool, patios and water features, fencing, privacy, carpentry structures and site restoration we have the skilled craftsman to look after every detail from start to finish. Mike Eeuwes has designed and implemented hundreds of creative and dynamic swimming pool landscapes. Never under estimate the added value that a professional design and layout brings to the long term function and beauty of a backyard pool landscape.



Pool Fill-Ins


When an existing backyard swimming pool is in disrepair and requires expensive replacement parts, upgrades and or is no longer being used very much by your friends and family then you should consider the option of filling in the pool. Filling in the swimming pool has many benefits as listed below:


  • Saving hundreds if not thousands in opening, closing, chemical costs, heating, pool maintenance costs.

  • Repairs and maintenance costs like linear replacement, heater and filter upgrades, plumbing repairs, patio and deck re-leveling and pool fence and gates repairs just to mention a few.

  • Security against drowning for young children and those who can not swim.

  • Stagnant water sitting on pool covers is a breeding ground for mosquito's and the potential of west Nile virus

  • One of the most important benefits is that in almost all cases of when a homeowner fills in a swimming pool the value of the property goes up substantially. Just ask any real-estate agent for values of properties in your neighborhood with pool compared to those with out and you will find this to be true.


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